Monday, 21 April 2014

Photos for previous blog...

It's the next morning and I just couldn't wait for my photos to upload last night.

Here are some from the past week with my cousin Henk and Sonja, at my coursin Bert and Els Dijk's home, at the Street where we lived for a few months before travelling to Australia and at the beach on the North Sea. Hope you like them. x

PS: I'm having mega probs with loading these photos and they are totally mixed up...and we are about to go out for the day, so these will have to do.

Centraal Station, Amsterdam - on the way to Gouda
My lonely case at Amsterdam's Centraal, it was cold!

Huge old churches with bell towers are everywhere in these old cities.
One of the many mills at Kinderdijk. For some reason I cannot find some of my photos with more mills.

At Gouda at the Canal and sluice. Old buildings in the background

 The narrowest house in Holland. The one in the middle. It is just one door wide with 3 stories.
Henk and Sonja at the Biesbos...bootje varen. (fun in the boat...NOT) haha
With my cousins Henk and Bert Dijk, at Bert's home in Den Haag

In the dunes at the North Sea, Den Haag with Henk

Bert and Henk

View to dining and garden at Bert's house

Such a fun and loving person. My cousin Bert's wife, Els.
The flowers I gave Sonja and Henk with their gorgeous cat Olle.
At the Kinderdijk
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This is a little holiday home floating on the water, at right Living area, at left sleeping area.
 Both parties to the rescue. One of the boys ended up driving our boat while the other two floated alongside by hanging on to our boat with their hands. Such nice Dutch boys.

Els in front of their 3 story unit - a typial older dwelling in Den Haag.

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