Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Visiting my home town...

Easter has passed by rather uneventfully, as we spent the days visiting friends and did not get to church as it was a kid's service and neither of us felt like attending that.
Visited a family friend at her gorgeous home on the river Vecht at Breukelen a village 30 minutes away from here. Lots of talking about old times and new times interspersed with cups of Dutch coffee, lunch and a beautiful old style Dutch evening meal: loads of floury, tossed potatoes, lightly steamed broccoli and beans, with a onion and mushroom jus. Salad of fresh leaves, boiled egg, tomatoes and other goodies on the side, accompanied by a lovely glass of red. Dessert was cherry icecream! YUM!
We arrived back home at 11.30ish, when I still had to pack my suitcase for this week's foray back to the town where I was born.

I had better get moving as I need to shower, catch a bus into the city and then take the train to Wolvega where I will arrive around midday and picked up by another old friend of our family, with whom I used to play when I was a kid. He is married to a lovely Canadian lady, who is delighted that she will be able to speak English to her guest. I'll be staying til Friday as I want to be back here in Amsterdam to celebrate King's Day.  People here wear lots of orange on the day, because the Royal Family is of the House of Orange, so I have bought an orange wig (Steph eat your heart out!) which i will wear with my orange framed sunnies, my orange blouse and orange watch. I'm not sure my sis will want to sit next to me on the bus into the city, but I'm determined to be part of the fun.

Ok lovely family and friends, I had better scurry along and get ready.
Think of me travelling past meadows filled with dairy cows and lambs. Watch the thousands of waterways flashing by and generally enjoy my journey.

Off I go to begin the next, very much, the MOST important part of my journey...exploring the place of my childhood.


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